No. Title Author Year Publisher Abstract
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652 Characterization of spatial patterns in river water quality using chemometric pattern recognition techniques Nabeel M. Gazzaz, Mohd Kamil Yusoff, Mohammad Firuz Ramli, Ahmad Zaharin Aris, Hafizan Juahir 2012 ELSEVIER
653 Determine the barriers of organic agriculture implementation in Jordan M. ALTARAWNEH 2016 Agricultural Academy of Bulgaria
654 Performance analysis and enhancement of position-based routing protocols in MANETS Mohammad Alnabhan Saleem Alsaraireh Binod K Pattanayak Ahmad K Habboush Mustafa Hammad 2019 IOS Press
655 Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) Based MANET Routing Protocols: A Comprehensive Review Ahmad Khader Habboush 2019 Canadian Center of Science and Education
656 Economic analysis of carp fish farming in Jordan valley Mohammad Altarawneh, Ebraheem Altahat 2018 King Faisal University
657 Environmental awareness by vegetables farmers towards usage of pesticides in Jordan Valley Mohammad Altarawneh, Ebraheem Altahat 2019 King Faisal University
658 Hot Spot Phenomenon and Greedy Routing Failure in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks Ahmad Khader Habboush 2019 Published by Canadian Center of Science and Education
659 An assessment of the use of agricultural marketing extension among extension methods: Insight from Jordan Radi Altarawneh ,Ali Al-Sharafat ,Mohammad Altarawneh 2020 Asian Economic and Social Society (AESS)
660 Bim Adoption Strategies–The Case of Jordan Mohammed A KA Al-Btoush, A Aldiabat Al Btoosh 2020