No. Title Author Year Publisher Abstract
1 Climate change perceptions and adaptations for dairy cattle farmers in Jordan: Case study in North East Region - Al-Dhulel Area Mysaa Ata, Mohammad Altarawneh, Motasem Al-Masad 2021 NEW MEDIT
2 Production and Marketing Problems Encountering palms trees farmers in jordan Ebraheem Altahat Mohammad Altarawneh 2018 King Faisal University
3 Econometric analysis of medjool date production costs in Jordan Mohammad Altarawneh, Ebraheem Altahat 2013 King Faisal University
4 Factors affecting dairy products consumption in Jordan case study in Amman city Mohammad Altarawneh, Ebraheem Altahat 2013 King Faisal University
5 Determine the barriers of organic agriculture implementation in Jordan M. ALTARAWNEH 2016 Agricultural Academy of Bulgaria
6 Economic analysis of carp fish farming in Jordan valley Mohammad Altarawneh, Ebraheem Altahat 2018 King Faisal University
7 Environmental awareness by vegetables farmers towards usage of pesticides in Jordan Valley Mohammad Altarawneh, Ebraheem Altahat 2019 King Faisal University
8 An assessment of the use of agricultural marketing extension among extension methods: Insight from Jordan Radi Altarawneh ,Ali Al-Sharafat ,Mohammad Altarawneh 2020 Asian Economic and Social Society (AESS)