No. Title Author Year Publisher Abstract
1 The Poetics of the Artistic Imagery in the Speeches of Abu Hamza Al-Shari Al-Kharji. Amani Mohammad Rabi, Arwa Mohammad Rabei, Mahmoud Mohammad Ahmad Rabi, Hamzeh Ibrahim Abdel Qader R 2023 Journal of Namibian Studies
2 Vision and Formation in the Poetic Story in the Arab World Judi Faris El Batayneh, Arwa Mohamed Rabie, Mahmoud Mohamed Rabie 2023 Journal of Namibian Studies
3 Connotations of Place in the Poetry of Al-Rusafi Al-Balansi Al-Andalusi (D. 572 AH) Mahmoud Mohammed Rabei 2024 Kurdish Studies
4 Al Maqama as a Cross-Genre Literary Genre (The Maqama of Badi’ al-Zaman al-Hamdhani as a Model) Ali Ahmad Al-Momani, Mahmoud Mohammed Rabei, Hamzeh Ibrahim Abdel Qader Rabei 2023 Migration Letters
5 The Theme of the Woman (as the Wife and the Slave Girl) in the Poetry of Al-Mu’tamid bin Abbad (d. 488 AH) -A Technical, Analytical Study Mahmoud Mohammed Rabei, Eman Mohammed Rabei, Arwa Mohammad Rabei, Ali Ahmad Almomani, Rasha Ibrahim 2023 Migration Letters
6 The Poetic Image in (The Wounded Oyster) Book by the Poet Lina Abu Baker Eman Mohammed Rabei, Mahmoud Mohammed Rabei, Arwa Mohammad Rabei, Amani Mohammad Rabi, Rasha Ibrahim 2023 Kurdish Studies
7 The Figurative Images (Simile And Metaphor) In Samples Of Prose Signing Quotations In The Abbasid Era Dr. Amer Mahmood Rabei , Dr.Mahmood Muhammad Rabei , Dr. Ali Ahmad Almomani , Dr. Mohamed Tawfiq Bat 2022 Journal of Positive School Psychology
8 Freedom of information and the right to information in international and Jordanian law أ.د زياد محمد ربيع 2019
9 الأعمال ذات الطبيعة التشريعية للسلطة التنفيذية أ.د زياد محمد ربيع 2008
10 الحريات العامة أ.د زياد محمد ربيع 2024
11 استقلال القضاء وعدالته في القانونين الدولي والوطني أ.د زياد محمد ربيع 2023
12 مبادئ القانون الدولي العام أ.د زياد محمد ربيع 2024
13 مكافحة الفساد الإداري في القانونين الوطني والدولي أ.د زياد محمد ربيع 2023
14 حماية الملكية الفكرية في القوانين الوطني والدولية أ.د زياد محمد ربيع 2020
15 The TOEQCC Framework for Sustainable Adoption of Cloud Computing at Higher Education Institutions in the Kingdom of Jordan أ.د زياد محمد ربيع 2022
16 الحماية القانونية لحرية التظاهر في المواثيق الدولية والقانون الأردني والشريعة أ.د زياد محمد ربيع 2022
17 جرائم الآبادة الجماعية أ.د زياد محمد ربيع 2014
18 حماية المدنيين والأعيان المدنية في مدينة القدس أ.د زياد محمد ربيع 2013
19 الديمقراطية في ظل العولمة وأثرها على الوطن العربي أ.د زياد محمد ربيع 2012
20 The Novelty of using Obesity Indices as Blood Pressure Predictors Buthaina Alkhatib, Lana M. Agraib, Islam Al-Shami, Anfal AL-Dalaeen 2007 Europe PMC plus
21 Factors affecting consumers’ satisfaction towards mobile payment services: An analytical hierarchy process approach Asaad Alsakarneh , Shehadeh Mofleh Al-Gharaibeh , Abdelwahhab Allozi, Hisham Ali Shatnawi, Wael Bash 2023 Corporate and Business Strategy Review
22 The influence of talent management practices on employee retention and performance: An empirical study of Jordanian service organizations Asaad Alsakarneh , Shehadeh Mofleh Al-gharaibeh , Abdelwahhab Issa Allozi , Hayel Tallga Ababneh, Bi 2023 Problems and Perspectives in Management
23 USING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND MACHINE LEARNING APPROACHES TO ENHANCE CANCER THERAPY AND DRUG DISCOVERY Khurram Shahzad, Marwan Abu-Zanona, Bassam Mohammad Elzaghmouri, Saad Mamoun AbdelRahman, Ahmed Abde 2024 Ayub Medical College
24 The link between emotional labor and employee performance in the services sector Asaad Alsakarneh ،Bilal Sakarneh ،Mohammad T. Bataineh ،Baha Aldeen Mohammad Fraihat ،Maher Nawasra 2023 Virtus Interpress
25 ARCHITECTURE AND TECHNOLOGIES OF 6G NETWORK Bassam Mohammad Elzaghmouri,Ahmad Khader Habboush, Lucy Dash , Binod Kumar Pattanayak, Ahmed Abdelga 2024 Science Press
26 Management Ethics Impact on Organizational Loyalty: A Case Study of the Senate Employees in Jordan 2013
27 Measuring the effect of the Perception of Knowledge Management on its Utilization in Public Sector in Jordan: A Comparative Study to Determine the Change in the Utilization of Knowledge Management bet 2013
28 Impact of Social Capital on Knowledge Sharing in Public Sector in Jordan Haitham Ali Hijazi; Hanadi Salameh 2015
29 The Role of Knowledge Management in Developing the Characteristics of Entrepreneurial Organization: Entrepreneur Atyles as Moderator Variables / Applied Study in the Jordanian Pharmaceutical Manufactu Haitham Ali Hijazi 2015
30 The Impact of Applying Good Governance Principles on Job Satisfaction among Public Sector Employees in Jordan 2021
31 The Impact of Human Resources Management Practices (HRMPs) on Job Burnout among Faculty Members in Oublic and Private Universities in Jordan 2021
32 The Relationship between E-Learning During Coronavirus Pandemic and Job Burnout among Faculty Memnbers in Public and Private Universities in Jordan. 2021
33 The Impact of the International Standard ISO 26000 fo Social Responsibility Dimensions on Achieving Competitive Advantage in Speciality Hospital in Amman 0
34 The Impact of corporate Governance on Achieving Competitive Advantage: A Field Study of the Private Hospitals in the City of Amman. 0
35 A Historical-critical Study of the First Latin Translation of the Holy Quran Fuad Abdul Muttalib1, Mohammad Amin Hawamdeh, Haitham Al-Yousuf and Ashraf Waleed Mansour 2024 Al-Kindi Center for Research and Development
36 THE IMPACT OF ADOPTING SUSTAINABILITY PRACTICES ON THE ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE OF FRUIT PRODUCTION Ali Alsharafat, Bassam Aldeseit, Hanan Bani Mustafa, Samar Shawaqfeh, and Baha'a Abu Salma 2024 The Seybold Publications
37 Vegetable Farmers' Attitudes Toward Green Agriculture Samar Shawaqfeh , Mohammad AlTarawneh 2023 Journal of Xi’an Shiyou University, Natural Science Edition
38 The effect of electrical stimulation on skin vulnerability to irritants. Almalty AR, Hamed SH, Jebril MY, Abdelnour HM. 2024 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.
39 Physiotherapy Students and Clinical Education in Sudan Tariq Abdalmagid , Hassan Abdelnour , Rashed Aladwan 0
40 Facts Related to the Prevalence of Sports Injury at Ahfad University for Women in Sudan Hassan Abdelnour , Ismail Abdellatif , Pang Ismail , Tsabeeh Jondi 0
41 Clinical placement and clinical skills at Ahfad University for Women Physiotherapy Education. Hassan Abdelnour, Mariana Bolis 0
42 Physiotherapists’ Understanding of Shortwave Diathermy Contraindications: A Questionnaire Survey Abdulmajeed R Almalty , Hassan M Abdelnour , Mohannad Hawamdeh , Shadi A Alkhob 0
43 The effect of electrical stimulation on skin vulnerability to irritants Abdulmajeed Raja Almalty, Saja Hamdallah Hamed, Mohammed Yasir Jebril, Hassan Mubarak Abdelnour 0
44 Effectiveness of Mirror Therapy for Amputation Patients at National Authority of Prosthesis and Orthosis in Sudan. Nema Bushra1, Roula Francis1, Hassan Abdelnour, Nermeen Bleedy 0
45 Using 3Dimensional Teaching in Biomechanics for Physiotherapy Education at Ahfad University for Women, Sudan Hassan Abdelnour1*, Nermeen Bleedy1 , Abdulmajeed Almalty3 , Asrar Elkhir3 , Maria Ayoub 0
46 Moringa Oleifera: Recent Insight for its Biochemical and Medicinal Applications Mohamed Afifi, Aser AbdulAzim ,Muhammad abu alghaith, Dima Alkadri 2024 Wiley Hindawi partnership
47 Securing Industrial IoT Environments through Machine Learning-Based Anomaly Detection in the Age of Pervasive Connectivity Bassam Mohammad Elzaghmouri,Ahmad Khader Habboush, Marwan Abu-Zanona , Suprava Ranjan Laha, Binod Ku 2024 Ismail Saritas
48 Advancing Cephalometric Soft-Tissue Landmark Detection: An Integrated AdaBoost Learning Approach Incorporating Haar-Like and Spatial Features Said Elaiwat , Mohammad Azad, Mohammad Alam, Marwan Abo-zanona, Bassam Elzaghmouri, Hani Omar 2023 ”, International Information and Engineering Technology Association
49 Impact of Symbolic Modeling on Developing the Emotional Intelligence and Ability to Solve Life Problems of the Children at Early Childhood Stage Zaid Alkouri 0 Pegem Akademi Yayincilik Egitim Danismanlik Hizmetleri Ticaret A.S.
50 The Effect of Organizational Justice on Organizational Reputation: Empirical Insights from the Pharmaceutical Context Hihazi, Haitham Ali; Al-Gharaibeh, Shehadeh Mofleh; Darwazeh, Suzan Saleh; Abu Rumman, Jumana Bashee 0