No. Title Author Year Publisher Abstract
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4 The Degree to which Faculty Members in Private Jordanian Universities Possess the Skill of Crisis Management as they See (Case Study: Jerash University), Dr. Tamara Al-Amad Dr. Nofah Sameh Almawadeh 2022 International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education (INT-JECSE),
5  A Concise Review of Prominent Phases and Impacts of Translation on Arabic Intellectually and Linguistically AlZu'bi Khaled, Hawamdeh Mohammad Amin 2021
6 Impacts of substituting soybean meal with cold extraction sesame meal on growth accomplishment and health in growing Awassi lambs Belal S. Obeidat, Mysaa Ata, Hadil S. Subih 2022 Springer
7 The Adaptive LASSO Regression and Empirical Mode Decomposition Algorithm for Enhancing Modelling Accuracy Abdullah Suleiman Al-Jawarneh and Mohd. Tahir Ismail 2022 Taylor and Francis Ltd.
8 Evaluating the implementation of the distance learning courses activities from the students of the Faculty of Educational Sciences’ point of view at the University of Jerash Dr- Nofah Sameh Almawadeh Dr. Tamara Al-Amad 2021 Journal of Positive Psychology & Wellbeing
9 The effect of using an educational program based on the use of electronic games on the acquisition of English language vocabulary for fourth-grade students in the schools of Karak Governorate in Jorda Dr. Nofah Sameh Almawadeh 2022 Journal of Positive Psychology & Wellbeing
10 The Politics of Violence: Frantz Fanon and Wide Sargasso Sea Rasha Ibrahim Maqableh 0 Jerash University