No. Title Author Year Publisher Abstract
1 Architectural and Structural Behavior Domes in Islamic Architecture (Case Study: Mosque of King Abdullah Ben Al-Hussein- Amman- Jordan) Mansour al Safran 1 Shehdeh Ghannam2 & Bassam Abu Awwad 2019 American Research Institute for Policy Development
2 Developments in the Islamic Heritage in South East Asia. From the Past to the Future “Case Study – Mosque Architecture in Malaysia and Possible Influences in the Classification Styles Bassam Abu Awwad 2019 IRJIET)
3 Comparison between modern western architettura and Islamic Arabic architecture“imitation and differences Bassam Abu Awwad 0 SPC
4 Study on Flat Roofing Systems. 1.Bassam Abu Awwad 2. Manal O. Suliman 2018 JASET
5 Study of Different Pitched Roof Types Bassam Abu Awwad 1* Manal O. Suliman2* Mansour Safran 1 2018 iiste.org
6 Studio of District Upgrading Project in Amman – Jordan Case Study - East District Wahdat. Bassam Abu Awwad 2017 (IJES
7 Arts and Design Studies www.iiste.org ISSN 2224-6061 (Paper) ISSN 2225-059X (Online) Vol.42, 2016 13 Green Architecture with an Example in Amman – Jordan Dr Malek Al Mumani * Dr.Bassam Abu Awwad Dr Omar Al Omary 2016 Arts and Design Studies
8 Implications of Urban Environmental Issues on Individuals and Groups function .Case study. 1.Bassam Abu Awwad 2.MalekAl Mumani 3.NumanAbu Hammad 2016 Arts and Design Studies ISSN 2224-6061 (Paper)